some facts about what we do

Divers Day Out

Once a month we like to plan a day for everyone to get together and just dive. We are not a club, there are no dues or meetings to attend. Just grab your gear and your dive buddy and have some fun.

We started Divers Day Out to encourage our students to get more practice and help them gain more skills. A lot of people will get certified and go on a trip and not dive for a few years. We want not only our students, but everyone, to have a good excuse to come blow some bubbles.

During the summer our DDO’s are locally to the Dallas Fort Worth area. We do go to West Texas after the first of the year where there is a warm water spring just perfect for training in the winter. In the spring we like to head down south for warmer water. Any time we go anywhere that takes more than two and half hours, we make a weekend out of it. A little camping and diving is a great combination.

Honor our veterans & first responders

From day one, DFW Scuba Shop has always given our Veterans 10% off their purchase*. It is just our way of saying “Thank You” for your service and sacrifices.

We also appreciate our first responders and offer them the same savings.

Make sure you tell us, so we can shake your hand and say Thank You in person!

*Discount cannot be used for PADI courses.

DFW Scuba Loans you gear

If you are spending money to travel with us, we want to help out if we can. Book a week long scuba diving trip with us and need gear, we will loan it to you. We do not know of any other dive shop that rewards customers with free dive gear, just for going on a trip.

what customers say about us

Terri was very helpful with me getting a new wetsuit. Very knowledgeable and caring. She's greatly appreciated.

Joseph P.

You guys are awesome! 2 guys saved my anchor at wheeler branch today. Definitely will be referring you guys to everyone I know. Thanks again!

Chris P.

Terry was amazing. Been looking around for a shop to help me get certified. I've never scuba dived but have always wanted to. It was a little farther than other shops but truly a great experience. Terry was very warm and informative. I didn't feel stupid with the silly questions I had (and I had several) She gave me a tour and explained every piece and their functions. They sell gear and not once did I feel pressured into making a purchase. I will definitely be choosing DFW Scuba to get certified. Best and friendliest!!!

Daniel R.

meet our staff

Dave Sechrist

To date the coolest thing I have done is an underwater Easter egg hunt at Possum Kingdom Lake.

Sandi Zoch

Course Director
As early as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with the Oceans. Growing up, our family spent most weekends at the lake, and a few...

Jimmy Lucas

I worked for CUDA and Surface Intervals and bought CUDA’s compressor when they went out of business 2007.

Bill Bentley

My personal philosophy on scuba diving is simple. Above all else it should be safe, but fun runs a very close second.
Bill Bentley

DFW Scuba Shop