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This 350-page, full-color book is a must-have for any dive fanatic and makes a great gift. When bad weather keeps you from diving, explore the other 70% of the earth from your favorite comfy chair.

You can also use this book when teaching PADI’s Equipment Specialist course. Read Scuba Steve’s tips for teaching Equipment Specialist.

The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving includes sections on:

  • Dive travel destinations around the world
  • Military, scientific and commercial diving overview
  • The history of diving
  • Underwater eco-system profiles from around the world
  • Diving equipment overview
  • Equipment selection and care
  • Specialized diving equipment
  • Gases you should know
  • Decompression physiology
  • Circulatory and respiratory systems and diving
  • Physiological responses to pressure change on body air spaces
  • Comprehensive index

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