First certified as an open water diver in March of 1993.

It was supposed to be a bonding expience for myself and my stepdad.

To date the coolest thing I have done is an underwater Easter egg hunt at Possum Kingdom Lake.

Living in North Texas, most of my diving has been done in Texas lakes.

I stopped diving when I joined the United States Navy. I was privledged to be on the USS America CV-66, which was based in Norfolk Virginia. We were assigned to the Mediterranean. I was fortunate to see lots of blue oceans, and see places like Corfu, Greece and Trieste, Italy. I wished I would have done some diving while I was there.

I returned to diving in in 2015, went for my Open Water Instructor in May 2019.

I wish to share my love of Diving, and Aquatic Conservation. I have seen disturbing things that so often happens to our waters, whether it be lakes, rivers or oceans. I desire to pass along the love and care of our worlds waters.

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