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Owner, Jimmy Lucas, found his love for diving at a resort course in Jamaca. A couple of years later, he took the plunge and got his PADI Open Water Certification. His dive education continued until he was an Instructor. He worked for CUDA dive shop and Surface Intervals for quite a while. When CUDA closed their doors, Jimmy bought one of their compressers and opened DFW Scuba Shop Inc. in 2007. He also had a Heat and Air company and thought he could have one place for his two interests. Scuba in the showroom and HVAC out in the warehouse. 

Jimmy and Terry were high school sweathearts for two years in high school, back in the late 70's. When Terry moved back to Arlington, she found Jimmy on Classmates. They started chatting and Jimmy told her he owned a dive shop. Terry's first thought was sky diving because there certainly wasn't any oceans around North Texas. Jimmy talked her into going to Lake Murray in OK, for a Discover Scuba Dive. After a 20 minute, 18' dive, Terry "discovered" that she didn't want to dive. LOL. In 2008, Terry started working in the dive shop and after seeing customers pictures and videos, she got her PADI Open Water Diver Certification.

Now, Jimmy and Terry are married and she has quite a few PAID Specialties under her dive belt. She has said that with all the pretty travel that the shop does, she is a Blue Water Diva. You will not see her diving in our scuba parks and lakes. She loves talking scuba on shore though. She can help you with dive gear or dive travel. So if you need some advice or pointers, come see her.


From day one, DFW Scuba Shop has always given our Veterans 10% off their purchase*. It is just our way of saying “Thank You” for your service and sacrifices.

We also appreciate our first responders and offer them the same savings.

Make sure you tell us, so we can shake your hand and say Thank You in person!

*Discount cannot be used for PADI courses.