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The turn out for our first trip to Valhalla was so great, we are doing it again!

This is an excellent opportunity to get your Altitude Diver specialty among others. Below is a list of the specialties and required number of dives for that specialty. PADI standards state that we can only complete 3 training dives a day, so keep that in mind when choosing your courses. Must pick up course materials and pay for class before March 16th. Remember when taking a course with us you must have a current medical form on file with us, so if you need a doctors visit please make sure to do that ahead of time.




Altitude Diver - 2 dives

Night Diver - 3 dives

Enriched Air Diver - Dives are optional

Peak Performance Buoyancy - 2 dives

Self-Reliant Diver - 3 dives


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The Valhalla Missile Silo August Trip

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